Exploring Mac's Abacus Basic workbook

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Starts with Making Bead Patterns

Making Bead Patterns on Abacus

Main Workbook Features

  • Activities start with Making Bead Patterns. A set of 16 Bead Patterns builds familiarity with Mac's Abacus, while subtly introducing sets.
  • Counting begins Lesson 1(Select to see pictures above) with simply matching loose Beads to same-color Beads of the Abacus Rows.
  • First 14 Lessons are full size (1/page) so your child can place the Abacus over the picture.
  • Lessons 15 to 300 are presented 3 to a page (but shown 6 per page in the Teaching Guide).
  • Counts range from 1 to 5 in the first 21 Lessons, gradually increasing thereafter.
  • Objects are often clustered to build the skill of Thinking in Groups (i.e. “3 at-a time”).
  • Numerical Digits are first presented in Lesson 33 by using Playing Cards. Finger Counts follow.
  • Concept of Zero is presented 3 ways: Subtraction Poster, Missing Parts and using Special Dice.
  • Formal Addition (using "+") is first presented by using pairs of Dice.
  • Other concepts presented: Length and Time.  Subtraction is introduced by blocking out objects.
  • The second half of the workbook develops the Decimal System (place value) and uses this to teach counting Money (coins then bills). Pictures or real coins and bills are used.

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