Addition and Subtraction on Mac's Abacus





Addition using Place Value

  • Two Examples are given. Each step is shown and explained in detail.
  • Example A adds 146 to 365 which has two Carries (place value).
  • A Carry is done by trading the 10 Beads of a Row for one Bead in the higher Row.
  • Example B adds 5 to 2995 which has three Carries but no other digits to add.

Subtraction using Place Value

  • Again, two Examples are given and explained in detail.
  • Example A subtracts 257 from 855 which requires two Borrows (place value).
  • A Borrow is done by trading 1 Bead of a Row for 10 Beads in the lower Row.
  • Example B subtracts 4 from 5000 which requires three Borrows but no other digits to subtract.

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