Practice Printing Numbers

Practice Printing Numbers

These numbers were made using KidsFont©
   designed by LearnTools Inc.

  • KidsFont© was developed to provide a font in the style that children are taught to print.
  • KidsFont© is a complete Font Set and is available free (visit our [Store] above).

Practice Printing Numbers page

  • This sheet is to help children learn to Print the Digits.
  • It is located near the back of Mac's Abacus Basic workbook and may be copied as often as needed.
  • Starting with the large number sets (at top) try to trace between the lines of each number.
  • Once your child can roughly trace the large set, he/she should try the smaller sets.
  • Once your child has mastered the smaller set, he/she is ready to Print the Numbers in the Workbook Lessons.
  • You can also download Learning to Print sheets as a PDF file. (visit our [Store] above).

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