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LearnTools Inc. is located in Westlake Ohio.

  1. Why use an Abacus?
    • An Abacus with 9 or 10 Beads per Row physically models the actual process (carry, borrow and Place Value) that we use to manipulate numbers.
    • When keeping track of a count of objects, Abacus Beads serve as the running total (especially when the Beads hold their position).
  2. Why use Picture Lessons?
    • Psychological research has consistently shown that our visual memory is stronger than our recollection of words or abstract ideas.
    • Our use of very colorful images stirs kid’s interest.
    • There are no language barriers with our Lessons.
  3. Is Your Abacus Safe for kids?
    • Yes. Mac's Abacus is ruggedly constructed to withstand over 100 pounds of force - it will not come apart!
    • Mac's Abacus is washable with either dish detergent or Lysol.
  4. Who benefits the most from Mac’s Abacus Basic curriculum?
    • Kids who struggle with or have developed a dislike for math.
    • Kids who want to get a head start in math skills. Early Learning can deepen one’s mental abilities.
    • Those who want to become proficient in counting money.
  5. Does LearnTools Inc. have a physical store?
    • No. We produce all our products locally, using materials made in the U.S.A. but only sell online or at conventions.
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