Teaching Guide to our Early Math Curriculum

Teaching Guide exerpts

Teaching Guide sample page 2
Teaching Guide sample page 19

Lesson Number(3) is at lower right corner.

Teaching Guide Features

  • All 300 Lessons and 60 Examples are shown with detailed Answers to each in this section.
  • Two lines of comments below each Lesson provide details of the concept being taught there. Great for Homeschoolers, Parents and Teachers.
  • Lesson Examples have an orange border. Lessons have a gray border.
  • Lesson Numbers are located on the lower right corner of Mac's Abacus as shown in Lesson 3 above.
  • Beads in each Row are often grouped to indicate the quantities being added or subtracted.
    • For example: If 2 is being added to 5 (Enlarge second Guide image) to see Lesson 94, second row from the top).
    • That Row will have 5 Beads at the left, a small gap, then 2 Beads together.
    • Their combination = 7, and your child is to print this on the line to the left of that Row.

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