Early Math Posters

Posters at back of Mac's Abacus Basic workbook

back cover of workbook
Subtraction Poster at inside back cover

First Counts Poster (back cover)

  • Relates numerical counts (fron 1 to 10) with equivalent Fingers, Objects and Abacus Beads.

Subtracting Poster (inside back cover)

  • Demonstrates the concept of Subtracting, starting with 6 colored Stars
  • At each Subtraction (row) one Star is removed from the right side.
  • The removal of the last Star (bottom row) is a good way to present the Concept of Zero.

Download both Counting Posters as free pdf file:
Two 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages in high definition meant for printing and hanging on a wall.These are great references for Kids up to First Grade.

pdf file

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