Mac’s Abacus Kit

Mac's Abacus Basic

is a Supplementary Early Math Curriculum


for All Kids

Mac’s Abacus Kit

Workbook and Abacus

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Main Features

  • Highest quality Abacus and full color Workbook.
  • 300 very attractive Picture Lessons and 60 Examples.
  • Complete Teaching Guide with answers and comments for each Lesson.
  • Special Memory Beads stay in place during rough handling, yet slide easily.
  • Tape-on Legend Strips relate Target Objects to Bead Rows.
      Available separately: Removable, Reusable Sticky-back Legend Set
  • Printing Template provided for children to learn to print numbers.
  • Lesson Planner describes all Concepts and lists their page numbers.
  • Various interpretations of Bead Rows stimulate Creative Thinking.

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