This Way to the Universe

by Michael Dine 2022

Book Review by Ray Herrmann

The author presents collection of interesting facts and properties of our universe:

The Anthropic Principle says the Laws of Nature are what they are because these laws are what's necessary for the existence observers of Life.

Main String Theories: Have 26 Dimensions (25 space {if one is a tachyon} + 1 of time) or 10 dims (9 space + 1 of time). But maybe the extra Dims (beyond space & time) are "curled up" into tiny circles where their effects are essentially unobservable.

String Theories can model most particles of the Standard Model, but do not have the feature of Parity Violation that we observe. And the probability interpretation of Quantum Mechanics can't be sustained.

Constants in String Theories come from "couplings" of parts, so they seem artificial, whereas in the Standard Model, the constants are measured (not fitted).