The Tipping Point

by Malcolm Gladwell 2000

Book Review by Ray Herrmann

A Maven is one who accumulates knowledge and just likes to help (share). Some people are inherently like this (see stories in the book). It is the mavens who are best at bringing a new idea to fruition. So find a way to identify your product's mavens (First responders? Special interests or uses? )

Diffusion Model: A good innovation product is first bought by (in order):

But there is a chasim between (2) and (3). How do we bridge the Chasms? We need "connectors": Mavens and salesmen because they translate the ideas and information into a form the rest of us can understand. These types alter the idea by dropping some details while exaggerating others.

This book mentions numerous useful platitudes, so I'll just list some below:

A Sticking Factor can be some little thing, but it shows people how the "product" fits into their lives and so highlights the need to shift the presentation from just information, into a practical, personal issue.

Kids (Pre-K) learn from TV. They pay attention when they understand but look away when they are bored. For TV (Sesame Street) Three minute segments are optimal

Young kids search for understanding / predictability. They like repetition. Pre-K Kids can watch the same show 4 or 5 days in a row with full attention.
  • Repetitive events have to be complex enough to allow deeper and deeper levels of comprehension upon repeated exposure.

Finding the Mavens: {Example: Each Ivory Soap Bar has an 800 number for "questions". Very few would reply but those are the "Mavens" (those passionate about this and likely to tell their friends).}