This Will Not Pass

by Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns 2022

Book Review by Ray Herrmann

As this true story unfolds, we learn how our government is an interchange of personalities, each pursuing his/her own goals. Through the author's hundreds of interviews, we get to know the personalities of very many political actors as they interact in our government and we are then able to see how their interactions result in decisions (and in mistakes).

Below, a few of the main actors and their characteristics as revealed by interviews are described:

This book's many detailed interviews with those in the Trump White House paint a picture of Donald Trump as a child with a fixation on his insatiable need for praise. And many instances portray politicians, fearing voter backlash, as becoming collaborators in betraying our democracy for their own perceived survival. Other politicians seemed to enthusiastically kowtow as if it was a new religion.

Surmising from this ongoing push to install sycophants, it seems possible that, at some point, we will find ourselves surrounded by Trumpers infiltrating most every role of government who swear allegiance to King Trump, thus trampling our democracy.
  This is why your Vote is so important.