Mac’s Abacus

Mac's Abacus


Memory Beads
that slide easily, yet stay in place

Rugged construction

U.S. Patent #9,880,582

Mac’s Abacus


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Main Features

  • Made of Hard Wood, Aluminum Rods and FDA approved plastic Beads.
  • Convenient Handle fits well in children's hands.
  • Special Memory Beads stay in place during rough handling, yet slide easily.
  • Text is branded, not painted.
  • Washable, Durable. Wood has a non-toxic lacquer coating.
  • Size approximately 9/16 x 6 1/4 wide x 6 inches tall.
  • Gold “5's Bead” in 5th and 10th positions make count-recognition easy.
  • Dots on sides conveniently separate Bead Rows between Dollars and Cents.

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